Yacht Owner Sells Stranded Boat To Remove It From Christchurch Beach

The owner of a yacht that ran on New Brighton Beach claims to have a heart disease and asks the public to buy his yacht. Things have not been able to talk to anyone to confirm their claims, despite trying to contact the owner and his friends. The yacht owner Sean Grant had to swim to the coast at. 18.30 on September 12th when it ran due to the beach.

He was taken to Christchurch Hospital after showing potential signs of hypothermia and was relieved the next day. A friend of Grant’s created a Givealittle page Wednesday to help raise money so that the boat could be removed. Since allegedly Grant was diagnosed with chronic heart failure earlier this year and was told he would be lucky to live until Christmas.

That said Grant was a solo parent who had lived in Australia, but had returned to New Zealand with his family. Once back in the country, he retracted his retirement fund, and he bought a yacht to travel before his illness got worse. Since then, Grant had no means of getting the boat back on the water or repairing the damage, so he announced it for sale. Any money raised would be used to pick up the yacht from the beach, repair the damage and get it back on the water. If that was not possible, the money could be used to buy a new boat.

Ting contacted the creator of the Givealittle page and the yacht owner for more information, but both refused to comment. Grants sent to Facebook and asking for offers on the stranded yacht. From Thursday evening he claimed to have sold it, but said that the potential owner was “a bit uncertain” given the condition and location of the yacht.

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